What to Expect

Our services have a rather relaxed feel to them so don't be uncomfortable about joining. At LCEMC, we start off with songs at 10:30 in the morning before opening the service with a prayer.

In a typical service we read some words of encouragement in each language—English, Lao, and Thai typically, plus any other language if present—along with more singing. There is also a testimony/sharing portion for us to hear about what God has been doing in all of our lives. Any special songs by individuals/groups are also welcome at this moment. Following this, the youth are then dismissed to have their Sunday school class, but usually stay for the remainder of the service if there is an English speaker.

For the rest of the service, the Bible passage for the sermon is read followed by the sermon itself. The service closes with announcements, prayer requests, and finally a closing prayer.

Donations are done informally. No plate/bowl is passed around. There is simply a bowl at the front where you can place donations at any time you choose during, before, or after the service.  (The exceptions are special services, such as the Christmas service, where there is an offering time during which the bowl is passed around.)

We share fellowship meals following special services, such as baptismals and holiday services.