COVID-19 Restrictions

Please contact Pastor Chinda to register!

We are open again, but a few temporary changes have been made to help keep everyone safe. Some of the new restrictions may change or ease as the situation changes. Any changes will be posted here.

These restrictions are being implemented to help curb disease-promoting activities while aiding in our reopening. Your cooperation and understanding will help us keep our doors open while helping us to keep everyone safe.

  1. Please wait outside if there is already a family just inside the entrance door to prevent crowding and breaking physical distancing measures.
  2. There will be a greeter/attendant at the door when you enter. Please follow the instructions given by the attendant.
  3. Please follow the instructions on the new signs throughout the building.
  4. Hand sanitizer has been provided at the entrance and at the doors entering and leaving the congregation room. It is necessary to sanitize your hands before entering.
  5. Masks are required according to the City of Toronto bylaw for indoor public spaces. There are some masks available if you do not have one, but bring a mask if you DO have one.
  6. Registrations for attending services are now required/strongly encouraged to help us ensure we do not exceed 30% capacity and ensure every family can be 2m apart. This is a temporary measure as the number of seats are limited due to physical distancing measures. If you do not register, we will still accept visitors provided there is space available, but there is a chance you will not be able to enter if capacity is full.
  7. We are temporarily stopping coffee time in the morning and food fellowship in the afternoon.
  8. We are temporarily stopping singing during services to reduce airborne droplets as our space is very small.
  9. Services will be shortened (welcome/sermon/closing) to help ensure:
    • less washroom usage to ease the cleaning burden
    • lower chances of airborne respiratory droplets due to prolonged talking
    • lower chances of needing to eat due to hunger
  10. Attendance will be tracked. In the event someone does get sick even with our precautions, we need to be able to contact people who should get tested.